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Best false ceiling designs

A Quick Glimpse Of False Ceiling

False ceiling is nothing but an artificial layer installed below the original roof. In other words it is the secondary ceiling that hangs below the main ceiling with frames supported. These false ceilings do not support any of the building’s loads. The purpose of these ceilings may vary. Let’s discuss about the purpose in detail in the following reads

Purpose of False Ceiling Models For Living Room

The occasions where the false ceilings are used as follows:

Types of False Ceilings Suitable for Modern False Ceiling Design

SRS Colour Roofings is one of the professional false ceiling provider in salem, and dealing with various range of false ceilings models and drywalls for residential and commercial projects all over Tamilnadu and nearby locations. There are wide range of false ceiling models that has its own pros and cons. Let’s discuss each in detail

pop models false ceiling design in salem

POP False Ceiling

The most common and popular among the false ceiling models for living room is the Plaster of Paris ceiling. It is widely used for commercial as well as residential purpose. This material hardens as it comes in contact with water, thus making it a good ceiling material. It serves as a good insulator against heat and cold. Plaster of Paris is durable and easy to maintain. The one drawback of POP false ceiling is that, they develop cracks over time.

Gypsum False Ceilings

The most accepted material for false ceilings is the Gypsum. It provides good thermal and sound insulation. It is easily flexible and can be provided in different shapes and textures. Usually the gypsum boards are hung from iron frameworks to form the false ceiling. The look of gypsum false ceiling can be improvised by painting or laminating them.

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Fiber Ceiling Tiles

Fiber false ceiling or known as the acoustic/soundproofing ceilings acquires toughness through reinforcements, thus making them fire resistant which are highly suitable for commercial purposes. Commonly used in offices, showrooms, shopping malls. They can be easily installed at low costs. They do not have an aesthetic look, so they are mostly avoided in the residential buildings.

SRS - Best living hall false ceilings

Wooden False Ceilings

Usually wood gives natural and sophisticated look. Similarly the Wooden False ceilings are the best ceiling design for living rooms. The wooden panels are usually in the form of boards or blocks. They are installed with the help of screws and nails. Installation of this type of false ceiling is easy. Though the material is durable it is prone to termite attacks. Both material and maintenance cost is high. If cost is not an issue, the wooden false ceilings are highly recommended false ceiling models for living room.

SRS - Best living hall false ceilings

Fabric False Ceilings

They are highly attractive but functionally frail. They come with intricate designs creating special ambience. They are used for temporary solutions such as events and exhibitions.

Corridor Medal modeil false ceilings

Metal False Ceilings

Metal False ceilings are strong and durable. Material like galvanized iron/tin and aluminum are used. They are easy to install with low maintenance. An innovative finish can be achieved by pressing tin plates with designs in them. They can be easily installed and re installed thus making it suitable for electric wires, water pipes, AC ducts.

Corridor Medal modeil false ceilings
modern hallway glass false ceilings model

Glass Ceiling Panels

Glass is a transparent material. Glass as false ceiling is used to improve the aesthetic look of the place. These panels are commonly used in jewellery showrooms, restaurants, libraries etc. Glass ceilings can be easily colored, patterned and laminated thus giving sophisticated finish. The brittle nature of glass limits the uses but the brittleness can be reduced by adding suitable additives.

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PVC False Ceilings

The PVC(Polyvinyl chloride) False ceilings are ideal for toilets, bathrooms, garages etc. They provide optimal solutions to those who seek for cost effective solutions. They are lightweight and resistant to termites and moisture attacks thus making them color resistant too. PVC false ceiling are easy to install and maintain.

empty living room false ceilings

How to calculate the cost of False ceiling?

Have you ever wondered how the cost for designing the false ceilings is calculated? Though these ceilings give a richer look, they do not cost much. SRS colour Roofings Company can design false ceilings for your commercial or residential building at cheaper and optimal costs. The factors that are involved in the cost calculation per sq. ft are as follows: